Meet the Team

Casa Del Rio Senior Living offers distinguished care for seniors in Peoria, Arizona. We are dedicated to the compassionate care of all our residents.

Professionally managed and staffed by a friendly team of highly qualified individuals, we help seniors live a comfortable, active life.

Team member Julie at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaJulie Campbell

Executive Director

An Arizona native, Julie brings over 15 years of relevant experience to her role as Executive Director, working specifically in Senior Living since 2018. Her responsibilities include helping ensure smooth day-to-day operations at the community. For Julie, this also includes taking time to make a positive impact on the Casa Del Rio team and residents, something she finds incredibly fulfilling. Outside of work, she enjoys camping trips and fishing. Her guiding principle is to always be reliable and kind and remember laughter is the best medicine. A quote that inspires Julie is: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” John Q. Adams

Team member Schuyler at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaSchuyler Johnson

Assistant Executive Director

Arizona native Schuyler Johnson’s 11-plus-year professional career has been solely in Senior Living. In his current role as Assistant Executive Director, he spends much of his day connecting and talking with residents and their families, making sure their needs are met. Another major focus of his day is helping ensure the community’s business goals are being reached. Outside of work, Schuyler enjoys adventures with his family, taking on home-improvement projects, and time with friends. His guiding principle is to get so busy that you can’t listen when someone needs to be heard. A quote that inspires him is, “Dimming someone’s light will never make yours shine any brighter; the brightest light is when you shine together.”

Team member Joni at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaJoni Michele Minelli

Director of Sales & Marketing 

With 15 years’ experience in the senior living industry, Joni’s input as Director of Sales & Marketing can be seen in just about every aspect of the Casa Del Rio community. Joni works to maintain strong relationships with residents and senior industry partners, assist with event planning, strategize new marketing ideas, and accommodate prospective residents’ needs to demonstrate that the community is not only an excellent choice, but the only choice in independent living. Having worked as a senior advocate for the better part of two decades, including experience as caregiver to her own parents, Joni is passionate about helping seniors. She works to do everything possible to offer prospective residents the support they need to confidently transition to their beautiful, independent living home. Of her role in the Casa Del Rio community she says, “I love to meet the residents and genuinely connect. Knowing what we are doing has such a monumental impact on their lives pushes me to always work harder.” As her guiding principle, Joni says love makes all the difference, “Treating others with kindness and grace is not only important; it is imperative.” Whether it’s participating in the WALK to End ALZ, or her focus on recycling efforts, she believes strongly in giving back, investing in the future–in these efforts, as in her work at Casa Del Rio, Joni’s prevailing motto? “We got this!” A California native, Joni loves to spend time with family, maybe playing cards, seeing a movie, or taking the dog along on a scenic drive! When there’s time, she also enjoys basket weaving and crafting.

Team member Jeana at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaJeana Garza

Director of Life Enrichment 

Originally from Plattsburg, NY and raised in San Antonio, TX, Jeana brings over 6 years of relevant experience—with more than 10 in Senior Living—to her role at Casa Del Rio. Along with her passion for spending time with our residents, as Director of Life Enrichment, she is responsible for bringing a positive, uplifting experience to everyone that lives at Casa del Rio. She loves planning meaningful activities and sharing in the wealth of knowledge our residents share every day. Outside of work, Jeana enjoys spending time with family, especially when going to the movies or playing games together. Her guiding principles are Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, and Integrity, and her favorite quote is "Don't change to people will like you, be yourself and the right people will love the real you!" 

Team member Tanya at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaTaunya Wirtz

Dining Room Manager

Originally from Milan, OH, Taunya Wirtz has more than 40 years’ relevant experience—with over 30 spent in Senior Living. As Dining Room Manager, she is responsible for overseeing the Dining Services department and staff. A natural people person, Taunya loves that her job gives her plenty of opportunities to talk to residents and their families. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, sewing, visiting the beach, and spending time with her grandchildren. Her guiding principle is “love God and people” and her inspirational quote is the classic golden rule: “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Team member Simon at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaSimon Gaitan

Service Manager 

Simon Gaitan is an Arizona native with over 12 years’ career experience—most of it in the Senior Living industry. His day to day responsibilities include supervising the maintenance team, providing excellent customer service, and making sure the community is running safely and smoothly. However, he finds helping seniors live comfortably is the most rewarding part of his job. Outside of work, Simon can likely be found enjoying the outdoors—hunting, shooting, and fishing are some of his favorite activities. His guiding principle is “be responsible and work hard!” and his personal quote is “Why quit when you can stop, breathe, and think?”

Team member Jason at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaJason Kohler

Executive Vice President, Senior Living

Born and raised in Flint, Jason Kohler has worked in Senior Living and adjacent industries for over 18 years. Since 2003, he has been involved in nearly every facet of senior care, including Independent and Assisted Living, Memory Care, and more. Jason’s prior experience in the Hospitality industry was incredibly helpful when refocusing his career on Senior Living. In his current role, his day-to-day involvement at the community primarily involves helping to support the work that happens in the field, spending quality time in the communities whenever possible. Jason is energized by serving others and loves making a resident’s day whenever and however he can. Outside of work, he plays competitive billiards and also enjoys snowboarding, working out, and spending time with family and friends. His guiding principle is “Take care of your associates. In turn, they will take good care of the residents, and the rest will take care of itself.” A quote that inspires him is, “Whether you think you can, or think you cannot, you’re right.”  - Henry Ford

Team member Adam at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaAdam Snyder

Vice President of Operations, Senior Living Division

Originally from Lancaster, PA, Adam Snyder has been involved in Senior Living since 2003. He now oversees the day-to-day operations for all Beztak Senior Living communities. Adam enjoys interacting with people every day and helping brighten lives. He has a passion for tackling issues and finds brainstorming and implementing new solutions very rewarding. Outside of work, Adam loves attending his kids’ sporting events, golfing, hiking, and fishing. 

Team member Joe at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaJoe Del Serrone

Senior Director of Brand Management

Joe Del Serrone was born in Michigan and raised in Italy, where he began his career in hospitality over 20 years ago. His experience includes cruise ships, luxury hotels and apartment management. Joe has worked in Senior Living since 2014, currently leading world-class brand initiatives to ensure a consistent and compelling brand experience globally across the All Seasons communities. Joe enjoys getting to know people and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of residents and team members. When not at work, Joe enjoys cooking, Italian music, travel and quality time with family and friends.

Team member Lori at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaLori Panaro

Regional Director of Operations, Arizona

Originally from Southern California, Lori Panaro feels she’s in her element here in Arizona. With industry experience going back to 1999, when she was a VP of a bank, she decided to switch gears in 2014. It was then she made her dream of helping others and working with seniors a reality and began a career in Senior Living, where she’s served as Regional Director since 2015. Lori’s involvement within the communities includes weekly one-on-one visits. She is grateful for the chance to mentor her teams while also interacting with the residents. Extremely passionate about being a servant leader, spending meaningful time with the residents gives Lori a sense of enthusiasm and energy. She has a particularly special place in her heart for Memory Care, and feels giving back to the senior generation is a gift and a blessing. Outside of work, Lori enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. A baseball family, they typically spend weekends on the diamond. Her guiding principles are loving kindness and open-mindedness. A quote about her role on the team: “Servant-leadership is all about making the goals clear, and then rolling your sleeves up and doing whatever it takes to help people win.” -  Ken Blanchard

Team member Daniel at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaDaniel Novak

Corporate Director of Food and Beverage, Senior Division

Daniel Novak, a native Detroiter, has been working in management, food service, and senior living for over 20 years. His day-to-day responsibilities include working with our culinary teams developing dining programs, setting and maintaining standards, verifying food safety compliance and ensuring quality. Dan treats each day as an opportunity to exceed our residents expectations by creating a spectacular dining experience from start to finish inclusive of food, ambiance, décor and service. When not at work, he enjoys cooking for family and friends, dining out trying new restaurants, and fishing and spending time at his cottage in Northern Michigan.

Team member Michael at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaMichael MacDonnell

Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing - Beztak and All Seasons Senior Living Portfolio

Having spent 16 of his over 18 years’ industry experience in related and relevant positions, Michigan native Michael MacDonell is responsible for oversight of the Beztak and All Seasons Senior Living salesforce as a whole. This includes active involvement in the success and optimization of all phases, from prospective-resident through to move-in. Michael particularly enjoys working with his team to engage with prospective residents and their families to discover how to best meet the individual needs of each. Outside of work, Michael stays busy helping his wife raise their two young boys. In addition to spending time with his family, he also enjoys playing music and bike riding. One of his chief guiding principles is “take ownership in everything you do.” A quote that inspires him is “We can all make a difference in the lives of others in need, because it is the most simple of gestures that make the most significant of differences.” — Miya Yamanouchi

Team member Natalie at Casa Del Rio Senior Living in Peoria, ArizonaNatalie Stringer

Director of Artistic and Intellectual Planning

Originally from Washington D.C.,  Natalie brings over ten years’ experience in performing arts, nonprofit administration, and arts conference programming and producing to her role. As Director of Artistic and Intellectual Planning, she is responsible for curating and overseeing the artistic and educational programs for the All Seasons senior communities in MI, AZ, and FL. More specifically, Natalie actively conceptualizes, develops, maintains, and controls the vision, venue, and content that shapes the artistic, educational, and cultural programming of the All Seasons communities. Natalie believes there’s no better feeling than witnessing a room of strangers form an innate bond because of a shared art experience. When not working, she enjoys travel, exploring the outdoors, writing, and seeing as many new performers as she can. A quote that inspires her is “The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers.”  - James Baldwin